Brunei (Day 4)

Day 4 = Our last day in Brunei. Our flight back to Manila was scheduled late in the evening so we still had ample time to do a last minute tour of Brunei.

We decided to go to one of the most magnificent resorts in Southeast Asia - The Empire - Hotel & Country Club.

A typical family portrait at the staircase.

My mom & aunt attempting to imitate the headdress of the Muslim women.

2 little brothers who despise the camera so much. :|

A trip to the washroom with my 90 year old grandmother. :)

A spectacular view amazed us when we went out. I definitely loved the cool fresh breeze. :)

Wacky photo with the help of the timer + tripod.

Family photo again.

We are Kung Fu masters!

Just playing around. :D

Crocky and my little brother. He adorably begged my mother to buy him this stuffed toy!

Wow! A hummer! I think this is one of the many cars of the Sultan.

And an Audi! These people are definitely rich.

Lastly, a panoramic view of the nearby beach and ocean.

And that ends my 4 days & 3 nights vacation in Brunei! Wheew! ;)